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Licensed Clinical Psychologists are seeing an average of 39% increase in revenue!

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Working bell to bell, seeing patients back to back, is a sure way to burn out and stretch your time and resources too thin. The human and financial resources needed to support a 25+ weekly patient practice can leave you with very little to show for at the end of the year.

Providing NEEDED services to your patients can generate an additional $8,000-$15,000 per month. What’s On Your Mind, Inc./LIFT Brain Training offers you a transformational business shift to expand your psychology practice without working harder, increasing overhead or investing a dime.

Leverage the potential of a much needed, fast growing, and supplemental service that doesn’t require your time but will increase value and profit for your practice.

How one practitioner increased earnings by 48%

Four months ago, when a Licensed Clinical Psychologist reached out to What’s On Your Mind, Inc. to inquire about our LIFT Brain Training Distributor Program she had no idea what a game changer it would be for her practice and her clients.

Dr. Wendy was in practice for herself for six years, saw an average of 24 clients per week and averaged $70 per client (co-pay plus insurance payout) for a 45-minute session. She had a couple of self-pay clients that came out of pocket $125 per session.

Dr. Wendy did an average of 1 psycho-educational test per week and charged $1500 for the testing.

Let’s do the math.

22 clients/sessions @ $70 each = $1540

+           2 clients/sessions @ $125 =$250

+      1 psycho-educational test @ $1500

  Total $3290 per week x 48 weeks (Dr. Wendy took a generous 4 weeks off) = $157,920 per year

For Dr. Wendy to increase revenue by just 14% ($157920 x 14% = $22,108) she would need to add an additional 302 sessions to her calendar or 226.5 working hours a year!

That’s 6.72 weeks of work to earn an additional $22,108 or 14%!

To increase revenue by 28% she would need to add more than 3 months to her calendar!

So, how did she increase earnings by 48%?

By becoming a distributor of LIFT Brain Training, Dr. Wendy was able to offer the clients she tested a 50-hour individualized, cognitive, face-to-face brain training program, without doing any additional work other than post testing.

What’s On Your Mind, Inc. crafted the brain-based sessions designed from the results of her evaluations. Certified LIFT Brain Trainers provided all the one-on-one training with the clients, and Dr. Wendy generated $2000 for each program delivered. $2000 x 38 tests a year = $76,000 in supplemental income without working harder, increasing overhead or risk…and with zero investment. And the best part, Dr. Wendy was able to offer essential services and proven results to help her struggling students.

What would you do with an extra $76,000?

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Become a licensed distributor of LIFT Brain Training in 3 easy steps (no investment on your part is required) and start earning immediately.

(NOTE: This is not a computerized program. It is face-to-face, with our trained and certified instructors, customized for your individual client)

I’m interested, but tell me more about you:

We are brain training program developers, trainers, and clinical psychology practice consultants who will help you earn more – not work more.

Our 4 step LIFT Brain Training program for private practices helps you:

Now I’m very interested, but tell me more about LIFT Brain Training:

Up until about the turn of the millennium, the neuro-scientific belief, was that past a certain point in our lives, our brain did not change, we had what we had, and that was it. In fact, any change would be that it shrank as neurons died. But that view has been overturned by recent evidence that our brains are constantly trying out new connections. Each neuron has branches which are connecting with other neurons based on what we are learning in the moment. Those connections can be kept, and form what is called a cognitive reserve, which can reroute signals around trouble spots in a brain with cognitive deficits such as those associated with learning disabilities or even head trauma.

Recent pioneering experiments in neuroplasticity, a science that investigates how the brain can undergo change, reveal that the brain is capable not only of altering its structure but also of generating new neurons. Through targeted brain exercises, an individual can strengthen, improve and increase cognitive functioning in the areas of speed, attention and concentration, language, memory, and problem solving, just to name a few. Best of all, this research has opened up an exciting world of possibilities. These studies show that by using proper training methods, one can target, modify, and develop the brain to improve deficiencies, and the fastest, most efficient way to do this is through cognitive training exercises that specifically and directly target deficient skills.

Click here to read study and report on LIFT Brain Training

How a third grader went from performing below his IQ to outperforming all his peers.

Sixteen weeks ago, Ari’s parents walked into the offices of What’s On Your Mind, Inc. wearing doubt and worry on their faces. Their son, who had for the most part, been a good student, began to fall way behind as the demands at school increased. His grades slid and he began to have problems staying on task in class and at home. A battery of psycho-educational tests concluded a diagnosis of ADHD-Inattentive Type, a composite IQ score of 87, and deficits in verbal memory.

The parents, who had considered tutoring, decided LIFT Brain Training would be their son’s greatest chance to catch up to his classmates. Tutoring would just be more wrought memory and skill drills. What Ari’s diagnoses called for was a total cognitive reboot and expansion.

A 50-hour brain training program was designed around Ari’s evaluation and Ari was paired with a Certified LIFT Brain Trainer who worked with him, face to face, for 2 hours a day, twice a week. After 12 weeks a post test was given to Ari. The results were typical for a LIFT Brain Training student…and mind blowing to his parents!

Scores on a Continuous Performance Test showed Ari’s level of concentration was on par with children who were placed on a prescription regimen. However, Ari took no medication. His IQ score increased 11 points and his grades in school improved. In fact, Ari scored at or above his peers on the majority of school benchmarks, and his parents reported an increase in Ari’s ability to stay on task at home. So pleased with the results, Ari’s parents signed him up for another 50-hour LIFT Brain Training program!

By becoming a distributor of LIFT Brain Training, you will be able to offer the clients you test an individualized, 50-hour, cognitive, face-to- face brain training program, without doing any additional work other than post-testing. It’s a Win-Win- Win situation.

  • Your struggling students now have an effective and proven way to improve their performance at school, and behavior at home, by strengthening specific cognitive and attention deficiencies unique to that child.

  • Your clients are happy because you were able to offer a much needed and welcomed service through your practice.

  • Your practice now generates another stream of income without investment or work.

What’s On Your Mind, Inc. crafts the brain-based sessions designed from the results of your evaluations. Certified LIFT Brain Trainers provide all the one-on- one training with the clients, and you generate an average of $2000 for each program delivered. $2000 x 38 tests a year = $76,000 in supplemental income without working harder, increasing overhead or risk…and with zero investment.

And the best part, you are able to offer essential services and proven results to help your struggling students just like Ari.

Take the FIRST Step and call 1-800-613-6463.

Speak to our National Distribution Coordinator and she’ll send you the Onboard Package and Distributor Agreement. There is NOTHING to purchase, no additional overhead or time needed to start leveraging passive earning potential!

We’ve been in practice since 2000 so What’s On Your Mind understands you want to know what’s the bottom line?  Practitioners who specialize in psycho-educational evaluations, transform to a Business model, and offer our LIFT Brain Training program can generate an additional $8,000-15,000 a month. That’s an average of $138,000 a year in newfound revenue without added overhead, expenses or flesh to flesh sessions. We help you stretch your earning potential…not yourself!

If you have questions about transforming your business model, effective brain training, our program or want to get started earning more while working less, call our National Distribution Coordinator at 1-800-613-6463 or fill out the form below.