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Brain Training from the Convenience of Your Home!

The power of LIFT Brain Training to transform students’ lives is finally available from anywhere in the United States and internationally. Students and trainers can work together through our online platform by means of a live virtual brain training session without geographical boundaries.

What is Virtual LIFT:

Virtual LIFT is a series of live, online one-to-one brain training sessions, designed to provide precise brain exercises to help students with learning or processing deficits. Administered by Certified LIFT Brain Trainers, Virtual LIFT’s specific exercises build and strengthen the brain skills that are responsible for the student’s ability to learn and process information, including attention/focus, memory, auditory and visual processing, processing speed and intellectual reasoning. Students begin to succeed as their ‘brain muscles’ strengthen and become noticeably more efficient to overcome limitations that conventional teaching alone cannot resolve.

How we ensure that every program is a perfect match:

The process begins with a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation with one of our Affiliate Licensed Psychologists located in your neck of the woods, or a review of a recent evaluation that was completed no more than a year ago.

The results uncover an academic and cognitive profile that provides a roadmap for the creation of each student’s individualized brain training program. This profile assures the perfect match of intervention to student needs.

How we measure results:

Once a student completes the required hours of brain training, he/she will be re-tested to measure their results and confirm that their cognitive growth is finally at the level required for their academic pursuit. In addition, evidenced-based results continue to direct the development of our programs. Attention is given to details from beginning to end; that’s a true sign of quality.

Tutoring vs Brain Training

The basic nature of teaching involves repetition, since the majority of what is taught is more often than not forgotten. Tutoring is an attempt to re-teach what the student did not learn in the classroom. It usually involves a review and memorization of important concepts.

Unlike teaching, there is no forgetting involved in LIFT Brain Training. LIFT does not involve memorization or learning concepts. It involves strengthening the underlying brain ‘muscles’ that are responsible for processing information, and enhancing the neural pathways (wiring) where information travels to and from the brain. In fact, it is for the most part permanent. In this manner, information taught has a better chance of getting processed and remembered.

Although LIFT itself is not teaching, it can be combined with teaching to significantly increase a student’s learning curve. Ideally, every student should be including LIFT Brain Training as part of their regular academic curriculum so that their ability to attend to, understand, memorize, and remember information is heightened.

Who We Can Help

LIFT was created to improve learning and processing skills ideally for children with learning disabilities and attentional disorders. However, those who can benefit from LIFT programs also include high or average performers who want to perform mental activities faster, more efficiently, and even better than before.

Our students have included:

  • Athletes who were interested in improving their ‘game’

  • Gifted students who needed to be challenged beyond the classroom

  • Individuals suffering from dyslexia (reading disorder)

  • Individuals that were driven to distractions (Attention Deficit Disorder)

  • Above-Average students that wanted to have an edge over their peers

  • Students challenged by dyscalculia (mathematics disorder)

  • Individuals wanting to increase their speed on standardized tests (LSAT, SAT, PSAT, FCAT)

  • Students having difficulty with reading comprehension

How a third grader went from performing below his IQ to outperforming all his peers.

Sixteen weeks ago, Ari’s parents walked into the offices of What’s On Your Mind, Inc. wearing doubt and worry on their faces. Their son, who had for the most part, been a good student, began to fall way behind as the demands at school increased. His grades slid and he began to have problems staying on task in class and at home. A battery of psycho-educational tests concluded a diagnosis of ADHD-Inattentive Type, a composite IQ score of 87, and deficits in verbal memory.

The parents, who had considered tutoring, decided LIFT Brain Training would be their son’s greatest chance to catch up to his classmates. Tutoring would just be more wrought memory and skill drills. What Ari’s diagnoses called for was a total cognitive reboot and expansion.

A 50-hour brain training program was designed around Ari’s evaluation and Ari was paired with a Certified LIFT Brain Trainer who worked with him, face to face, for 2 hours a day, twice a week. After 12 weeks a post test was given to Ari. The results were typical for a LIFT Brain Training student…and mind blowing to his parents!

Scores on a Continuous Performance Test showed Ari’s level of concentration was on par with children who were placed on a prescription regimen. However, Ari took no medication. His IQ score increased 11 points and his grades in school improved. In fact, Ari scored at or above his peers on the majority of school benchmarks, and his parents reported an increase in Ari’s ability to stay on task at home. So pleased with the results, Ari’s parents signed him up for another 50-hour LIFT Brain Training program!

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